Exterior Cleaning Services FAQ

Why should I soft wash and not pressure wash?

Soft washing treats and kills mold & other damaging contaminants, which prevents further growth. Soft washing is a low-pressure process and uses eco-friendly detergents, which means you won’t need to wash your house every year.


Should I clean my roof or replace it?

In many cases, thorough cleaning can save a roof in rough shape. Cleaning your roof of algae, mold, and lichen build-up will extend the life expectancy of your roof. Not to mention making your roof look better aesthetically.


Is soft wash safe for my family, plants, and pets?

Yes. All of our soft wash detergents are eco-friendly. We use plant wash and final wash to neutralize the house in the final stages of the cleaning process.


What are some of the benefits of having my window blinds cleaned ultrasonically?

Ultrasonic cleaning removes dust without sending it into the air. Taking blinds down and cleaning them in our ultrasonic wash & rinse system prevents dirty particles from going airborne. The process quickly blasts away dirt, grime, bacteria, allergens, and smoke residue from blinds, surfaces, cords, pulley systems, chains, rails, and slats.


Do you seal our deck and wood fences?

No. We do not seal or finish decks or fences. Our services only handle soft washing and light power washing. This prevents further mold growth from coming back the next year, prolonging the lifespan of finished or sealed decks and fences.


What’s involved in cleaning flat concrete surfaces around my house?

Soft washing surfaces like garage floors, sidewalks, and driveways can be tricky. We always pretreat surfaces for mold and other contaminants to stop growth. Then we use a surface washer to avoid streak marks associated with using power washing wands.



When you clean gutters do you also check if there are any plugged downspouts?

Yes, the whole idea of your gutters is to move water away from your home to avoid flooding and damage. We check and unblock downspouts along with cleaning out all debris from gutters.