Many types of wooden surfaces can be tricky to properly clean. A new wooden fence or deck looks beautiful when installed but the luster can fade quickly without proper maintenance. Power washing or pressure washing can actively damage certain types of wood & finish without proper water pressure regulation. Scrubbing or mopping takes too long. The hose just gets wooden surfaces wet.

So, what is the best way to clean the beautiful outdoor wood surfaces at your home?

Soft Washing Wood Surfaces

Soft washing can be safely used to clean the most delicate outdoor surfaces. Finished, molded, or carved wood can be weak enough to get damaged by standard power washing. The soft washing process uses much less water pressure as a baseline and can be adjusted for extremely brittle surfaces.

The lower water pressure also allows soft washing to be more thorough than traditional power washing. The lower water pressure leads to a lighter spray, which allows professionals to make sure all the cracks and crevices of your back porch are covered.

Older wood surfaces have a higher chance of contamination by outside particles. Traditional power washing may blow away things like mold or moss but almost never hits the roots. Soft washing wooden exterior surfaces also treats the wood with a solution that gets rid of mold, algae, mildew, and more–without damaging the wood itself.

Professional Soft Washing Services

Standard power/pressure washing can be handled by just about anyone that owns a power washer. Soft washing, however, is more complicated and best left to professionals.

Soft washing combines specialized low-pressure washers with safe, specially-formulated cleaning solutions to make sure everything gets completely cleaned. Professional soft wash team members are trained how to use soft washing hardware, as it is different from standard power washing.

Soft washing cleaning services make sure to not only clean every area but also to target any potential ‘problem’ areas where unwanted growth may occur. Some jobs may even require different soft washing tools–cleaning jobs where there are many different types of surfaces that may require different water pressures for optimal cleaning. Professional softwash services have team members trained to know the correct amount of water pressure to use for each and every job.

Exterior Cleaning by Looking Glass Cleaning

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